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SBLL will host a 9/10 year-old All-Star team in 2012 

Manager Eligibility Requirements for All-Stars:
  • Managers must have served during the spring session as either a manager or coach in either the majors or minors division to coach the 9/10 year old team. 
  • Managers must be able to attend every all-star tournament game.  The District Tournament starts July 6 and runs for at least 10 days.  State tournament will start approximately July 18 and runs for at least a week.  Currently the state tournament is schedule to take place in South Denver or Colorado Springs.
  • Interested Managers are evaluated by the SBLL Coaches committee which then recommends Managers to the SBLL President.  The President then approves the slate of coaches and presents them to the SBLL Board of Directors for their vote.   Should the president not approve the managers selected by the committee, the committee will then recommend a replacement for the manager not approved.
  • Any manager or coach interested in managing an all-star team must email the SBLL president prior to May 29th.  This email should include which team they prefer to manage if there is a preference.
  • Managers of teams that finish in first place for the Spring session will NOT be given first right of refusal.
  • Managers will be selected by the end of the spring session.
Player Eligibility Requirements for All-Stars:
  • Appropriate league age (age on April 30, 2012)
  • Must live within the boundaries of SBLL or have been granted a residency waiver for the 2012 Spring session.
  • Have played in at least 60% of regular season games
  • Must commit to attending every all-star tournament game.  The District Tournament starts July 6 and runs for at least 10 days.  State tournament starts approximately July 18 and runs for at least a week.  Currently the state tournament is schedule to take place in South Denver or Colorado Springs.  Player must commit to making a majority of the all-star team practices which run every week day until the team has been eliminated from play.
All-Star Player Selection Process:
  • Each manager in the minors division of SBLL will nominate deserving players from their roster.  Players must have turned 9 years old by April 30th of the current year.  The nominations are to be emailed to SBLL Player Agent Kevin McGill and SBLL President Renae Foxhoven Ellis, no later than the end of the Spring session which is May 30.  Managers are reminded to recommend their top players in every age group not just the top players on their team.
  • Players who have been nominated by their managers will be emailed a Commitment Letter by May 31.  The letter will explain the All-Star selection process and the responsibilities of an All-Star player and their legal guardian. Interested players will need to return this signed commitment letter or committed in email to the SBLL Player Agent no later than June 10 to be considered for an All-Star Team.
  • From the returned letters/emails, the SBLL Player agent will assemble a list of all eligible players at each age level.
  • SBLL Spring Minors managers (or their representative) will attend an all-star player evaluation meeting.  The purpose of this meeting will be to provide the All-Star mangers with information on each player whose has accepted the nomination.
  • At the completion of this meeting the All-Star Managers will meet with the Player Agent, All-Star Coordinator and the President to select their teams.  Total number of players on a team is the Managers decision but there can be no less than 10 and no more than 14.  The Manager will also select their coaches.  The number of coaches is dependent upon the number of players on each team.
  • Players selected to the team will be notified by the evening of June 15th either by email or phone.  Players not selected will be notified by either the player agent or the president via email that same evening.

2012 All-Star Results

SBLL 10-year-old All-Stars State Champions.
SBLL 11-year-old All-Stars place 2nd in the District Tournament
SBLL 12-year-old All-stars District Champions

Congratulations to all of our 2012 SBLL All-Stars.

12 year old team:

Danny Sheridan
Wade McClung
Brendan Hoskins
Xavier Villalaz
Elliot Dineen
Teddy Lewitt
Cole Carrigan
Andrew Raup
Tariq Maherra
Kush Tewari
Skyler Limber
Jeffrey Erickson
Miles Morton
Manager:  Mike Mullen  Coaches: Paul McClung & Neil Franzen

11 year old team:

Sam Thomoas
Jack Okada
John Parker
Jackson Hammond
Nate Hambacher
George Eisenlau
River Blessing
Ashton Nichols
Jeremiah Hartman
Alex Scatena
Grant Olmsted
Manager:  Mark Hammond  Coaches:  Degan Hambacher & James Okada

10 year old team

Luke Patton
Joe Casebolt
Alex Pedersen
Henry Hedlund
Fintan Gimpel
Jason DeGeorge
Sam Nielsen
Nico Augustoni
Mathew Harstead
Brett Jones
David Hopkins
JD Jones
Manager:  Jeff Jones  Coaches:  Lew Harstead & Steve Gimpel



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